My SA Sailing Login

How do I log in?

South African Sailing provides the credentials needed to log into your sailing profile.

These details were emailed to you directly by the system (RevSport).

Managing your profile and connected family members can be done when logged in and clicking through to ACCOUNT from the SA Sailing website: (Main members of family membership can also log into family profiles accounts if the accounts have been linked).





I know my log in details

Enter your Username and Password and click LOG IN on the left to access your My SA Sailing profile.

The username to use was emailed to you from South African Sailing. This is done with profile activation and/or when requesting password reset.

I do not know my log in details?

If you do not know your login credentials, click on Forgot login details. Then type your email address in the space provided and click on submit to receive your login details via email.

Please check your spam folder for the email if it doesn't land in your inbox. Anti-virus & spam filtering from your service provider may also be impacting you receiving emails from us.


We may not have your current email address on file. In this case please submit the below form and we can update your information and send you your new login details.

I do not know if I have a sailing profile

To check the status of your SA Sailing ID Number please refer to the SA Sailing ID Checker.

Allow for spelling errors by searching a few different ways. Search can be done for either name, surname or SASID or part thereof.

Registering or renewing inactive profile status

Check your Profile & membership status 1st!

If you do not exist in the system or your membership status is INACTIVE you need to reactivate it by clicking RENEW/REGISTERmy SA Sailing membership.

SASID are issued for life

Do not duplicate your profile

2 Different processes apply for where clubs have adopted the use of revSPORT (click on the respective club in the table on the page).

Where clubs don't appear on the table, go down to the 2 buttons down at the bottom of the page that opens up.

I have never registered
for Sailing before

This is only for creating new profiles.

Please note membership is only activated on club membership confirmation from an affiliated club

I have registered for
Sailing in the past

if you have a profile but it indicates you are inactive.

Please note: Membership however is only activated on receipt of club membership confirmation from an affiliated club

I am not a member of a club but want to order a Skipper's Ticket or do a Vessel Listing or Order my CoF and/or HIC

Non-members of SA Sailing can request for a profile byclicking here. You will receive your login information via email from the RevSport system once your profile has been created.

Profiles are autogenerated and you will recieve an email with your log in credentials 

Non-member profiles do not qualify for member benefits and disclaimers apply when applications are made.

For more tools and/or direct links to popular items on our website, visit the Information Library from the home page.


Who can log in?

  • Current members of SA Sailing affiliated clubs/classes
  • Course participants
  • Individuals who hold an SA Sailing qualification
  • Non-Member Skippers Ticket applicants or Vessel Owners

Why use My SA Sailing Login?

Your "My SA Sailing ID" profile allows you to view and manage the information SA Sailing has about you, including;

  • Basic details - name, DOB, gender
  • Contact details - email, mobile number, address
  • Membership history
  • Course history
  • Qualification history
  • Invoices - course fees, instructor renewal fees, event registration fees

SA Sailing Usage Policy

Access and use, or causing access and use, of this computer system by anyone other than as permitted by South African Sailing is strictly prohibited by the South African Sailing. Unauthorised users may be subject to criminal and civil penalties.

South African Sailing staff should be familiar with the confidentiality, privacy and communications policies related to this system.

The use of this system is routinely monitored and recorded, and anyone accessing this system consents to such monitoring and recording.


Require assistance?

If you require any assistance, please contact SA Sailing Online Services via our contact us page .