Member Benefits


Member Benefits Explained


SA Sailing is continuing to develop new direct benefits for its members and we have recently launched two benefits available to our valid paid up members. Further offers are currently being negotiated and please contact us should you be interested in becoming a SA Sailing benefit partner.

Intasure Boat Insurance

SA Sailing approached Intasure with the goal of creating an insurance offering that is more up to date and better fit for purpose than what we were seeing available in the insurance market. The result is that Intasure are offering SA Sailing members a unique offering that has many benefits:

  • Racing is automatically included and that everyone on the vessel enjoys personal accident cover.

  • Policy has a Franchise rather than an Excess. The franchise means that once your claim is greater than the franchise amount nothing is deducted from your claim.

  • Simple online application and quoting process (Click on the banner ad below)



Intasure 3rd Party Personal Liability Insurance 

3rd Party Personal Liability insurance is required in most countries and is becoming more regularly required in South Africa in order to take part in events. This insurance is regularly sold with boat insurance however it is not transferable with the individual when sailing on other boats. SA Sailors competing in international events find it very difficult to obtain this cover. SA Sailing has negotiated 3rd Party Personal Liability insurance for all it’s paid up members.

Please note that this cover does not replace or provide any boat or equipment insurance and is only for the event of a personal liability claim.


Benefits include: 

  • Local and international racing and cruising cover
  • Cover to the value of R25m (can be extended directly with Intasure)
  • Certificates of insurance will be issued if required for international events, please contact Intasure directly for this.